January 2016

greetings and salutations!

Na Rósaí has returned from the past to haunt you here in the future year of 2016. We have brought with us the enchanted music of Ireland which we will play for you one note at a time in tandem. We were very busy there at the tail end of 2015, Richie escaped to the newly snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains, Preston went gallivanting around the mid west/east coast, Conor invented a new the best website ever (www.conorobryan.com), and Erik keeps disappearing to Canada (some people say he goes for the maple syrup, but we know better)! We hope you all had a fruitiful new year. But alas, as the northern hemisphere begins its pendulous tilt back towards the sun, we too shall swing our way out to the Raven and Rose every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 to bask in the warming glow of you, our loyal email-receiving fans!

Also be sure to catch us at Artichoke music on Saturday, January 30. Show starts at 7:30pm.

Next month Conor and Preston will be headed up to Seattle to hang around at the West Coast Tionól over Presidents Day weekend. We expect the tunes a shenanigans to be plentiful. We will, of course, continue to keep you updated on all events Na Rósaí and we encourage you to make yourself some mulled wine and relax because life is too short to not relax and have a hot and spicy holiday beverage.

<3 -Na Rósaí