First Rain

Na Rosai's second album. Released in 2018


Track list:

  1. First Rain(E. Killops)/Is Cumadhm Liom(P. O'Riada)/Gavotte/The Rocky Road to Dublin
  2. Five Miles from Town/Pratt School Parking Lot (P. Howard)
  3. The Longford Weaver
  4. Martin O'Connor's/The Goats/Blackwater
  5. Callum's Road/Eileen Curran/The Girl that Broke My Heart
  6. Lord Mayo
  7. The Reluctant Pirate(Mick Hanly IMRO)/The Broken String(R. Rosencrans)
  8. The Buck from the Mountain/Golden Eagle
  9. Going Up to Hamburg/The Chimney Sweep(R. Rosencrans)/An Dro
  10. The Rainy Day/The Sparkle Slip(C. O’Bryan)/The Cloon

All tracks are traditional unless otherwise noted.

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